6 reasons why businesses should think about building their own chatbot

Before understanding why your business should think about building its own chatbot let’s get back to basics: what exactly are chatbots?
Chatbots are applications used to automate tasks or simulate conversations. These computer programs can read messages (emails, text messages, chat messages, etc.) and respond to them within a few seconds by selecting their answer according to a list of pre-recorded sentences they have at their disposal. Chatbots are not to be confused with artificial intelligence! AI refers specifically to entities that can imitate or replace human cognitive functions. Not all bots are equipped with artificial intelligence.

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Why are chatbots important for businesses? 

1 / You can provide your customers and prospects with a better customer experience thanks to chatbots

Companies are facing a big challenge today which is ubiquity. They need to be able to respond to customer requests anywhere at any time and chatbots are a great tool in order to solve this challenge. We strongly believe when bots and agents are working hand in hand together you can generate a premium customer experience. – Caroline Langer, International Marketing Manager at iAdvize

2 / With chatbots, your business can get closer to its customers

You need to be aware that you can get closer to your customers. It’s the first advantage of chatbots: the proximity that chatbots can offer can be put into perspective with the number of messaging app users. Brands have the opportunity to provide their customers with the most accurate and personalised experience possible. But it’s important to know how to get started. No chatbot is capable of solving all your problems on its own. Thus, you have to limit your expectations and innovate by remaining down-to-earth. Brands have to define really specific use cases for chatbots to enable them to provide their customers with a successful experience. Then they will be able to scale it. – Patrick Joubert, CEO of Recast.AI

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3 / Chatbots take care of basic questions for your customer service team to be more effective

At EDF, the second largest electricity producer in the world, chatbots are used to qualify conversations before they are redirected towards a customer service agent. This doesn’t only save time but it also allows EDF to respond to their customers within seconds  – Charlotte Trillaud, Success Manager at iAdvize

4 / Chatbots are already part of our daily lives

65% of customers want to be able to quickly and easily contact the customer service department of a brand. 71% of consumers would like to solve their problems without the help of the customer service department. And 44% of consumers are open to the use of chatbots to find the information they are looking for. Moreover, there are already over 100,000 chatbots on the Messenger platform. This shows that chatbots already belong to our everyday life. – Chloë Gout, Product Manager at iAdvize 

5 / Chatbots can be created in just a few steps

Creating a bot with iAdvize’s Bot Builder could not be more simple. The construction can be done by simply dragging and dropping cards which represent actions the bot needs to perform (multiple choice questions, the sharing of links, transfers to human agents). We recommend 3 essential steps for our customers to define their bot’s scenario: focus on your visitors, provide them with relevant answers and approved by the best human agents and use the combination of bots and human agents by offering an escalation to the best human agents. – Matthieu Dixte, Social Media Specialist at iAdvize

Here are tips and best practices to build your bot: 

Launching a bot won’t solve all your customer relationship issues. It needs to fulfil a specific objective to ease your customer support and/or sales advisors teams. Therefore it’s important to take some time to think it through and understand how it could be a solution for you.

Bots can be helpful to pre-qualify conversations for instance, saving time for your agents who need to ask the same questions over and over again, what’s your name? Your customer ID? Your email address? All those basic questions are better handled by a bot before transferring the conversation to a real human agent. It will make your agents job more interesting and focused on complex problem solving to increase customer satisfaction and provide a truly personalised experience.

Bots can also work in closed workflows if you have identified specific basic queries that don’t need human assistance. The bot can then guide the visitor through a set of questions and link towards the right information he needs. This increases the user’s experience making it more interactive than going through dozens of FAQs pages. If necessary, the bot could still transfer the conversation to human agent if no answer is found.

Finally, bots will frequently become the first point of contact for your customer service offering. Therefore giving them a personality, a tone of voice that match your brand guidelines will enhance the way they are perceived to users and increase the chances to receive quality answers from them. They will ultimately become a bridge between your customers and agents, guiding them in the right direction in an efficient and friendly way. – François Hotte, Success Manager at iAdvize

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