4 Tips from Experts to Have an Excellent Customer Service!

You want to become more customer-centric? Live chat or community chat could be the answer! In order for you to understand the importance of a good customer service, here are advice from 4 experts (eCommerce, Customer Experience, Digital Strategy and Social Media).

These tips come from interviews we did with these experts, to know their point of view about an excellent customer service and how to become more customer-centric!


First tip: To think of the customer before you do anything

Martin Newman – eCommerce expert and CEO of Practicology.


Martin Newman advises eCommerce businesses to be more customer-centric. You have to think of the customer before you do anything. For example, you could enable the customer to choose how they want to communicate with you. With iAdvize, you can offer real-time contacts via Click to Chat, Click to Call, Click to Video or Community Messaging.

Most retailers structure around channels and not around the customer. Roles, responsibilities, processes and KPIs would all be different if you were structuring yourself around customers. For example: KPIs wouldn’t only be focused on commercial performance but also be about customer satisfaction levels.

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Second tip: Convenience is the key benefit to the users of digital customer support

Ben Motteram – Customer Experience expert and Founder of CXpert.


Customer experience is the final differentiator. This applies to online retailers and indeed all industries. So online retailers need to remove the obstacles that stand between their customers and a seamless experience i.e make it as easy as possible to do business with them. And secondly, they need to make the online experience enjoyable – delight their customers with things they would value but wouldn’t expect.

Traditional voice is still king in Australia but channels like email, live chat, mobile apps, and social media are all experiencing double digit growth as support channels. The reason? Again it comes back to convenience for customers.

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Third tip: Use real-time support channels

Daniel Chow – Digital Strategy Expert


I see an increasing number of eCommerce players using real-time channels on the Nordic Market, from working with a large number of eCommerce clients from different industries and I believe that more eCommerce players should add real-time channels. From the data I’ve been looking at, adding real-time channels as a way of increasing conversion rates or providing another support channel, businesses can add a level of trust in the eCommerce brand.

I see a lot of companies failing because there has not been enough internal training to understand how a customer moves within the multichannel universe and how best to communicate with the increasing number of customers moving through the customer journey in a multichannel context.

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Fourth tip: Include Social media in your Customer Service’s Strategy

Simon Robic – Social Media Strategy Expert

The first step towards successful customer service is to be able to pick up on relevant messages even when they are not addressed directly to the brand. Imagine someone saying “I just went into such and such a shop, it was a pretty disappointing experience” without speaking directly to the brand. The company needs to be able to collect this message and respond to it, quickly.

I think we’ve got to a point of no return: the customer is king. Customers not only expect a rapid response but also expect to receive the response on the same channel they used to contact the brand in the first place. I think this will still be true in 10 or 20 years.

Read the interview we did with Simon Robic


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