3 reasons why your customer service reinforces your brand image

The good old days when businesses could control all their communication and brand image are over. With the internet and the social media phenomenon, the e-reputation is now intrinsically linked with consumers’ opinions. Indeed, today they take the floor. Consumers express themselves as they wish by whatever channel they may want to use. It is now up to brands to influence their opinion before, during and after the interactions that might happen. In the age of conversational marketing, customers set the tone! 

Authentic, your customer service team knows how to talk to your customers

Sincerity, authentic feedback, etc. Today, brands must show their human side, embody the values they promote in order to create authenticity. Consumers want to give meaning to their choices and it’s on this aspect that brands can differentiate themselves.

Adding a human touch to the customer experience online means bringing more authenticity, working on brands’ popularity. The empathy created during an interaction is an added value: it inspires but also wins the heart of new consumers.

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In this quest for authenticity, customer service is a key element to earn new customers but also retain them. The perception customers might have about the brand inevitably influences their choice to select this or that company for an equivalent service. Thus, the challenge is to convince them that your business is the one that will offer them the best service.

“Visitors are not only IP addresses or credit card numbers. They are people just like you and me. People who have doubts, questions, problems and who expect to be considered.” Julien Hervouët

Your customer service listens to customers and prospects and is available everywhere at all times

According to Nielsen, 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can message. And when Business Insider announced that 90% of 18-29 year-olds have a smartphone and 80% of them use it to log in to social media and messaging apps… we can say that it has become a real challenge for your customer service!

Consumers are now hyperconnected, mobile and in a rush… They want a personalised and immediate answer. It is a formidable opportunity for your brand to show its availability for its customers. When customer service is available, it shows consumers that the brand is really trying to understand and meet their needs.

But how can brands meet the challenge of synchronicity? It is not an easy task to be available everywhere, 24/7. Should businesses automate all their customer service? It may not be the best option as 79% of customers would like to have the opportunity to speak to a human agent. However, the wow effect created by chatbots and their capacity to handle repetitive tasks can be a real asset… a real added value for your customer service agents!

Customers remain the people best suited to talk about your brand. If you build a real brand community where people will ultimately help each other, you can also consider the possibility of entrusting your customer service, or at least part of it, to savvy enthusiasts. Less accustomed to sales techniques than your customer service team, ibbü experts will naturally bring authenticity to the interactions they have with customers.

“I bring empathy, I understand customers’ problems and do my best to help them. I realise that my personal experience has an impact on conversations and that’s what people are looking for: a real advice.” Simon Gros, ibbü ibbü video game expert for Cdiscount.

Thoughtful, your customer service knows your customers

Today, data enables your business to better know and understand consumers to provide them with a personalised offering. However, knowledge is not everything. Being able to show empathy, create a real customer experience turns out to be necessary to build an impactful brand image.

And that’s when taking the Customer Lifecycle Value stage into consideration becomes interesting: consumers are in their journey from visits, conversion, to repurchase rate, etc. Thus, your brand will be able to offer them an offer increasingly more precise and adapted.

Finally, who is better suited than consumers to evaluate your brand image? Ask them for their opinion thanks to key indicators such as the satisfaction rate! This way, you will keep an eye on the perception they have of your image and will be reactive whenever you are needed.

Here are 2 examples of customer service which reinforce their brand image: 

Nespresso France

The brand places the customer experience at the centre of all its preoccupations whether it is in stores, over the phone or on its website. Nespresso France has a well-functioning loyalty program which bets on keeping track of orders in order to create a unique experience. Available 24/7, the brand constantly optimises its strategy to satisfy its customers.


Customer service is at the heart of the brand’s preoccupations and customer satisfaction is very important: Darty pays particular attention to its customers thanks to performance indicators and a high demand for quality. Available via chat, community messaging and on social media, Darty’s customer service listens to customers’ demands and is available whenever they need it.


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