3 Key Takeaways from NRF

This January, Terrence, Florent, and Nicolas from the iAdvize’s US team made an appearance at the NRF Big Show in New York City. 

Stationed at booth #1155, the team showcased iAdvize’s technology, a conversational marketing platform that allows businesses to predict and engage contact opportunities in real-time with their customers and prospects. These brands’ online visitors are connected via messaging with experts available 24/7.  Being brands/products enthusiasts themselves, these experts are selected for their expertise and get paid to share their advice to consumers.

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Upon their return from the event, the team has collectively shortlisted their top 3 takeaways:

Readily embrace digital transformation

From print ads to mass advertising and now, conversational marketing, brands must be able to profoundly transform their businesses’ activities and competently leverage the latest digital innovations that are on the market to ensure their consumers’ satisfaction.

According to Nicolas de Rosen, the Partner & Executive Vice President – US, “A key trend we see in this very competitive market is the ability to disrupt the status quo of how consumers have been interacting with brands. With that said, it is important to leverage the latest technology and opportunities to offer premium customer experience.”

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Bridge the gap between online and offline stores

Challenges such as “siloed inventory systems, poor offline attribution, and primitive location advertising, have limited the actual online-offline integration” (eMarketer). It is paramount for retailers to see the online and offline stores as one unit – to equip in-stores and online stores with apps and other initiatives to provide cross-channel inventory visibility. In other words,

Build meaningful connections with the consumers

With the mushrooming of competitors, how does one stands out? One simple word: relationships. Brands should not merely see its consumers as their money making objects. Instead, they must look to build long-lasting relationships with their consumers through meaningful conversations. These days, consumers are looking to express their needs to brands – just like how they interact with their family and friends. More importantly, consumers are human beings. It is absolutely crucial to offer them “THE solution or THE advice best suited to their context, issues, or profiles.” To start improving your relationships, you can dive into the Customer Lifetime Value metrics to estimate the future value of your relationship with a customer.

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