3 essential aspects of the ibbü project from a product point of view

ibbü is an online community of savvy enthusiasts paid to enhance customer experience and boost online sales. As an online retailer, you can ask for help from ibbü experts whenever you need it: during the evening or at weekends when customer service teams are out of hours, and during peak traffic when customer service teams are less available. But how does it work? How is ibbü used by savvy enthusiasts? What is available for businesses on ibbü? What does iAdvize offer for these users to have a seamless experience on the ibbü platform?

Let’s find out some answers to these questions thanks to Segolene, Product Manager for the ibbü project!

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#1 – A platform made for interactions 

The Livefeed: a space for businesses and experts to connect

On the ibbü platform, the livefeed is the space where businesses can nurture their ibbü community. That’s the space where businesses can interact with ibbü experts. This feature allows businesses to share their product news, special offers, new brand visuals, etc. They can even pin a post to highlight it and for it to be clearly visible for the experts to see. 

In September, ibbü experts will be able to chat for several different campaigns, and therefore brands, at the same time.They will have an option to switch Livefeeds per campaign.

Conversations are at the heart of the ibbü platform. That’s why the Livefeed is also a space where experts can share their expertise and ask questions to fellow savvy enthusiasts. They can help each other by responding to each other’s comments or sharing images for example. It helps them build and update their expertise at all times. ibbü experts can only interact on the Livefeed with other experts selected for the same campaign. It really helps bring together the community.

72% of active experts make at least one comment on the Livefeed.

Smooth and friendly interactions between experts and visitors

With ibbü, visitors of an eCommerce website talk to their peers. They receive authentic advice from independent experts whenever they need it, whether it is in the evening or at weekends. 31% of ibbü experts say they help visitors because they want to help their peers. And visitors appreciate receiving real-time expert advice which generates the ‘wow effect ‘ across the 31% of customers already interacting with the ibbü experts. The main reason for that as Simon, video game expert for Cdiscount, says ibbü experts have a sales role but first and foremost, an advisory role of which they ensure that they deliver an authentic experience whilst keeping it professional.

In September, experts will be able to see past conversations handled by other experts on the same campaign. It will help them improve their answers and learn from others.

Authentic advice given from anywhere at any time

90% of customers say they are satisfied after a conversation with an ibbü exper because with this they can get answers from anywhere at any time. ibbü experts can log on to the ibbü platform from the web version of the discussion panel or via the ibbü app (available on both Android and iOS). This way, they can work from whenever they like and adapt according to their own schedule. When they are online, they automatically receive questions from online shoppers in need.

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Last month, more than 60,000 conversations were handled by ibbü experts and 20% of them happened on mobile.

#2 – Dedicated reports to track your progress and productivity

Businesses remain flexible by tracking their performance

After they have created a campaign, businesses can choose the number of experts they want to have available, which expertise they need and how long they want the campaign to run for. Once their campaigns have been activated, businesses can have a look at different reports: missed opportunities, contact activity, contact responsiveness, presence report, sales activity, satisfaction, etc. This way, they can access results  in real-time and can optimize their strategy.

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ibbü experts track their progress 

And businesses are not the only ones who can track their activity! ibbü experts also have their very own reports! This way, they know how much they earn (per week, per month), the number of sales they have generated, are able to see their satisfaction rate and the number of chats they have handled.

More than 95% of active ibbü experts look at their statistics.

#3 – Dedicated tools to deliver a smooth experience for everyone  

  • At any time, experts can have a look at the ibbü knowledge base if they have questions about their role, the platform or anything else related to ibbü.
  • If they don’t know how to answer a question, ibbü experts can transfer the conversation they have with a visitor to a professional customer service agent.
  • New to mobile devices: ibbü experts can choose the number of conversations they want to handle at the same time and 60% of them have already tested this new feature.
  • Notifications: at any time, experts are notified when someone has liked or commented a post on the Livefeed.

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