2017, a year full of product news for the iAdvize platform

Launch of our Bot Builder, optimisation of reports, WhatsApp integration within our platform, release of the Developer Platform and continuous improvement on the user experience for ibbü experts and iAdvize… 2017 has been a year of progress and innovations for the R&D team at iAdvize! To make sure you haven’t missed any of this and in order to give you the keys to implement a successful conversational marketing strategy in 2018, we have decided to offer you a retrospective of our product advances in 2017.

#1 Invoicing, mobileInnovations to improve the ibbü experts’ performance 

In May 2016, iAdvize launched ibbü, the community of savvy enthusiasts paid to enhance the customer experience and boost online sales. Since then, the team has continually improved the experts’ experience:

A simplified invoicing: since end of October, experts can download their invoices in one single click on the platform or the mobile app. They receive a notification by email as soon as a new invoice is available on the app.

Statistics available everywhere: it’s important for experts to be able to access their performance at any time. That’s why ibbü has made their monthly and weekly stats (number of conversations handled, satisfaction rate, sales generated) available on the ibbü mobile app. Experts seem to appreciate this new feature as 58% of the consultation of stats happens on mobile.

The Livefeed, to bring the community spirit to life: we provide experts with tools to allow them to be efficient and motivated! We facilitate their interactions to allow them to receive answers to their questions in the simplest of ways. For example, now experts can share pictures on the Livefeed and mention Community Managers. The Livefeed is a crucial tool to nurture the community and is especially popular on mobile as 43% of likes given on the Livefeed come from a mobile device. Because we want to offer an excellent experience on all kinds of devices, we regularly update our iOS and Android apps with new features such as the preview of links shared in conversations or on the Livefeed from mobile devices.

Mobile for increased availability and selected alerts: last but not least we have mobile, now experts can access their notification preferences and modify them according to their habits. Today, the most active ibbü expert on mobile has handled more than 10,789 chat conversations from a mobile device and is, thus, available whenever an expert wishes to to share his precious tips.

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#2 – Social engagement and Single Page Applications, 2 great advancements for the iAdvize targeting engine

At iAdvize, we recommend you to target contacts with high-added value. Offering a conversational engagement allows you to boost your sales and optimise your customer satisfaction rate. In order to help you, we are offering you a behavioral targeting engine and a routing engine that are complementary. 2017 was an opportunity for us to improve these tools and make them increasingly more efficient:

A targeting engine compatible with Single Page Applications: in 2017, the targeting engine has been reworked to enable the segmentation of visitors on a Single Page Application (website which displays its content in a dynamic way without necessitating the reloading of the page). This enables you to target your visitors on all your website’s pages, including pages with dynamic parts.

Even more precise targeting for on-site channels, social media and messaging apps: since February 2017, you can target messages you receive on the iAdvize discussion panel (coming from on-site channels such as the Chat, Social Media, text messages or messaging apps such as Messenger) according to their content, type or account of origin to then sort them and direct them to the right agents. Needless to say that this optimisation allows you to be increasingly more relevant with the answers you provide to your visitors.

#3 – Bot Builder and Smart Answers for experts and agents with augmented answer capabilities

In 2017, iAdvize made a shift to increase the ibbü experts and your customer service agents’ capabilities and experience: in July, we launched the private beta version of our chatbot editor and continued to optimise the intelligent and predictive tools available on the platform.

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Chatbots to facilitate your customer service agents’ work: iAdvize launched its chatbot editor to enable its customers to create bots which pre-qualify visitors’ needs: they ask open-questions, multiple choice questions or closed questions to collect the necessary information from visitors (email address or phone number for example) before transferring them to human agents who can offer all their expertise and cutting edge knowledge.

An intelligent transfer between bots and human agents: the iAdvize platform doesn’t only offer the sole transfer of a conversation from a bot to a human agent: it connects chatbots with its routing engine and allows the transfer of conversations to the most qualified group of human agents. How? It associates the agents’ skills with the answers given by visitors to the questions asked by bots during the pre-qualification process.

Smart Answers to give super-powers to your agents: thanks to Smart Answers, your agents are more effective. These suggestions, adapted according to the context of the conversation and drawn from the conversation history, enable them to offer answers more quickly and easily and optimise their handling time.

#4 – Messaging, Social and Video channels: innovations to meet the ubiquity challenge

iAdvize has been designed to enable you to meet the ubiquity challenge: in other words, it enables you to be available everywhere, at any time for your prospects and customers. That’s why our platform is constantly evolving and adapts itself to digital changes and trends.

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A new video technology for a better customer experience: to offer better video support, we have switched our service from the Flash solution to webRTC (online video standard). This programming interface is compatible with all browsers, on all devices.

WhatsApp, the integration of the messaging app most used across Europe: the most used app in United-Kingdom, Germany, Spain or Italy, WhatsApp is available in closed private beta within the iAdvize platform and the integration of new customers is currently paused.

A complete history of all your conversations on the discussion panel: in 2017, we have dedicated ourselves to offering you a harmonised user experience, and therefore, allow you to handle all your messages in a homogeneous way whatever the provenance of these messages. That’s why the history of your social conversations is now available on the iAdvize discussion panel. It allows you to easily find the context of your customers’ previous requests and give them the best answers.

A better classification of requests thanks to conversation tags: in order to homogenise your handling experience, we have also applied the conversation tag option to the social touch points available on the platform. Tags help you to classify your conversations by category, theme or order of importance. They help you track and find your conversations.

Each channel has its own performance indicators: Gone are the days when your social networks and messaging apps were brought together under the name “Social” in your iAdvize reports. Now you can track the added value of each channel used via the platform.

A better demonstration of the value on iAdvize: we wanted to allow you to filter and export your performance in a simple way and to have a clear vision on your production’s evolution. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to modify the level of data granularity of the graphs displayed on the iAdvize reports and the exportation of all these graphs’ data in CSV format.

#5 – Developer Platform and strategic connectors to extend your capacities

Our solution must be integrated with our customers’ tools in order to provide them with the best possible experience, that’s why we have created the Developer Platform.
Enabling iAdvize to integrate with your daily tools is a priority for our teams. We have simplified the technical documentation, studied your needs and developed technical tools which enable you to develop connectors and publish them on our Marketplace!

Do you wish to discover the integration possibilities with iAdvize? Visit our technical documentation or contact your CSM.

A connector with Lengow to facilitate the sending of product pages from the discussion panel: thanks to the Lengow integration within the iAdvize platform, you can browse your product catalog and send product recommendations to your visitors from your chat window. This enables your agents to do some research and see the details of your products and then send them in one single click within the conversation.

Did you just discover a feature you are not yet using on the iAdvize platform? Don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to integrate it within your conversational marketing strategy!

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