12 questions You Have to Ask Yourself Before Implementing Live Chat on Your Website

If you are reading this article, you already know that implementing live chat on your eCommerce website can help you improve different indicators on your website. It can help you increase your conversion rate, satisfaction rate, customer loyalty and lower cost per click. You also know that a lot of companies provide multichannel solutions for customer relationship management or real-time engagement platforms. The purpose of this article is to list the main questions you have to think about before subscribing to a live chat solution. Then, you should be able to find the live chat solution that best suits your website :) 

Can I target the visitors I want to support via live chat? 

According to your sector and the number of visitors present on your website, offering live chat to all your visitors may not be beneficial. In fact, you could get a lower return on investment. On the contrary, offering live chat only to qualified visitors (who are on critical decision-making moments or with a high basket value) will help you make sure that the support you offer will have a concrete impact on conversion rate, satisfaction rate and customer loyalty.

Can the solution be integrated to the tools already present on my website?

Any solution integrated to a website must be compatible with the features already present on the website. If the solution provider offers an API, it will enable you to connect the solution’s features to your specific needs. You may want to use the solution’s features to easily manage your users, create transparent integrations or improve the productivity of your team.

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Can I easily measure the solution’s benefits on my website?

When a live chat solution is integrated to your website, ROI must be easily measured. KPIs must be visible and regularly checked to control the performance and optimize your strategy accordingly in order to achieve your goals. Reports on the number of contacts handled, satisfaction and conversion rates, response time, quality of service, number of transactions and turnover achieved are essential to measure the benefits of having a live chat solution on your eCommerce website.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

ROI is an important aspect of any solution that claims to help you improve your online customer service. Therefore, it is normal to expect to meet certain objectives after having implemented live chat and set up a real-time customer engagement strategy. The return on investment of a live chat solution is based on several indicators like the increase of online sales. Conversion rate (a 20% on average via chat), incremental sales, abandonment rate or the average basket value can be positively impacted by the implementation of a live chat solution. Customer loyalty is also important for any kind of business sector. Therefore, quickly answering your customers in real-time for free may be beneficial for your customer satisfaction (a 85% on average via chat). It is also possible to notice a reduction of the cost of your customer service. If your agents handle several conversations simultaneously, with targeted and qualified contacts, your cost per contact can decrease up to 50% while enabling you to improve first contact resolution. Remember, one single interaction can do to answer a visitor’s need. ;)

How much control will I have over the live chat solution?

For a live chat solution, defining different level of use enables you to classify your real-time customer service team and set a scope of intervention for everyone: user, manager, supervisor or administrator. A multi-site solution enables you to configure different parameters for every website the solution is implemented on, in order to independently control how everyone can use it. Features like organizing your agents by skills, managing your knowledge base, defining and following objectives in real-time or handling graphical dialogue elements via chat are important for you to control to accurately define your customer service strategy. In any case, when you implement a new tool on your website, it is important for you to know if you have full access to the tool or if the access is limited. You don’t want to depend on the solution’s provider.

Can I take a look at the interactions between my agents and the visitors of my website?

You may have to supervise your online customer service team when you start to have an increasing number of agents. And visitors, agents and supervisors must be transparent with each other. A tool that enables you to control, in real-time, your performance and your goals’ achievement, visualize current or past discussions and immediately intervene with agents to guide them, is a tool that will give you the best vision of your activity.

How fast can the solution be implemented on my website?

It can take some time to integrate a new tool on your website. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for several hours or days for the solution to be implemented. The technical implementation must be easy, transparent and quick. Being able to install the solution, in one click thanks to different extensions or plugins, can enable you to save a lot of time. If you can implement the solution by only inserting a tag on the pages of your website, you will be totally independent in less than an hour to configure the solution.

Can I be supported when I implement the solution on my website?

You may need support to implement the solution on your website or meet your objectives. Whether it is the technical integration, setting up of a synchronization with another tool, the design of a targeting strategy or the training of your teams, some support will enable you to maximize your return on investment, become an expert of customer service in real-time, and ensure you that you have all the keys to advise your visitors.

Is the price of the solution transparent? 

Prices must be transparent and understandable. When you subscribe to a live chat solution, the features you have access to must be clearly stated. Does the price include a license for one or several websites? Is 24/7 support included? How many agents will be able to use the solution? What are the guarantees provided with the solution? You have to think about these questions before subscribing to any offer. Otherwise, you might subscribe to a solution that may not be adapted to your company.

What is the uptime history of the solution?

Before subscribing to a live chat solution offered in SaaS, you have to make sure that it will remain online. If the platform on which your account is hosted is not available anymore, live chat will cease to appear on your website. To ensure that the platform will remain online and the support will intervene 24/7, you may have to subscribe to a high availability guarantee.

Is the support responsive and available?

If you have any problem that could impact your company, it is important for the technical support to be available and responsive. If technical support deals with the customers’ demands in real-time thanks to a system of ticketing features, it will enable you to see how your demands are dealt with in real-time and you will be notified when your problem is solved. A technical support that is available 24/7, multilingual and offers follow-up in real-time, it will be your best ally in case you have a problem!

Does solution providers offer “good practices” on how to use their solution?

If you can have access to resources, good practices, case studies, it can enable you to improve your use of the solution, discover how other companies from your sector use the solution, and improve your expertise of online customer service.

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