11 Chatbot experts you should absolutely follow!

If you have a look at conference programmes or simply scroll down your newsfeed you’ll realise that chatbots are no longer a topic you can ignore! And to keep up with the latest updates on the subject, it’s important to know who the influencers are. In this article, you will find a list of international and English experts, ranked by their number of Twitter followers. Is there an expert you know about missing in that list? Let us know and we will add them!

Anglo-Saxon chatbot experts

1 – Murray Newlands, blogger, advisor and author

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, business advisor and speaker. He is an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies. He is the CEO of a free chatbot builder called chattypeople.com and has written an AI Chatbot Marketing Guide entitled “How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy“.

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2 – Chris Messina, inventor of the Twitter hashtag

Chris Messina has already shared his expertise about chatbots with companies such as Google or Uber. Chris Messina is a big fan of open source communities and describes himself as a “Product Hunter”. On Messenger, you can interact with his very own chatbot. You can easily notice the advantages of using a chatbot: it’s easy to manage, very responsive and a nice alternative to good old FAQs:

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3 – Sujan Patel, Entrepreneur, marketer and founder of WedProfit or Mailshake

Sujan Patel is an entrepreneur and marketer with more than thirteen years experience. He is co-founder of ContentMarketer.io & Narrow.io.. He has released many publications on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com about chatbots such as 6 Effective Uses for Chatbots in Marketing or How Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Sales Process.

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4 – Adelyn Zhou, co-founder and Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS

The co-founder of TOPBOTS has made a name for herself in the AI field. She has been recognised as one of the most influential experts in AI, chatbots and growth. She gives many lectures and organises, among other things, Bot Meetups.

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5 – Matt Schlicht, CEO of OctaneAI and Founder of Chatbots Magazine

The founder of OctaneAI is confident that, in the future, all companies will use chatbots. He insists on the fact that, in the future, virtual assistants will be easier to use than any other existing technology. In Chatbots Magazine, he explains why bots will completely kill websites and mobile apps. You can read the whole article here.

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6 – Michael Perry, co-founder and CEO of Kit CRM acquired by Shopify

Michael Perry has predicted the importance of chatbots in today’s answers-first culture. He expects that bots and AI will be “much more transformational than desktop to mobile”. But he also warns companies not to overuse chatbots in order not to lose their authenticity.

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7 – Sam Mandel, CEO of Poncho.ai

Sam Mandel has worked for Liberation Entertainment as COO, at Tweet Deck and at Time Warner Inc in senior business development positions. He says we need to add more natural language processing and that’s what he’s currently working on with the weather cat Poncho

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International chatbot experts

8 – Simon Robic, Product Manager at iAdvize

As the founder of Bringr and Product Manager at iAdvize, Simon Robic is known on the international scene. The Frenchman thinks that AI should be guided by humans. By combining chatbots with human assistance, companies can provide their customers with more efficient customer service.

9 – Alex Lebrun, Bot Trainer at Facebook

Alex Lebrun is the co-founder of the voice recognition startup Wit.ai, which has been sold to Facebook. He now works for Facebook as a Bot Trainer and also uses his expertise for the virtual messaging assistant “M” with which it is possible, among other things, to make orders and reservations. It’s a self-learning algorithm supported by people.

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10 – Javier Gonzalez Helly, co-founder of Botfuel

The co-founder of the French startup Botfuel is specialised in chatbots and believes that they are ideally suited for interacting with users via instant messaging. FAQs will no longer be necessary, just like annoying waiting lines. Javier Gonzalez is convinced that combining chatbots with customer service agents is the ideal solution of the future.

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11 – Patrick Joubert, CEO of Recast.AI

The central element of Recast.AI‘s collaborative platform are chatbots, which allow interactions on whatever touchpoint. To this day, about 8,000 chatbots have been created by 5,000 developers with the platform. And this number is clearly on the rise! Patrick Joubert explains that chatbots can enable brands to get closer to their customers.

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